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Ada Blackjack, the Forgotten Sole Survivor of an Odd Arctic Expedition

As the weather turned, the expedition faced the reality that their inadequate stores would have to last another year. The camp at Wrangel Island in late autumn, from the book The Adventure of Wrangel Island Internet Archive/ Public Domain By the beginning of 1923, the situation had turned dire: the party was starving, and Knight was extremely ill with undiagnosed scurvy. On January 28, 1923, Crawford, Maurer and Galle made the decision to leave Blackjack to care for the the deathly ill Knight and set out on foot across the ice to Siberia in search of help. They were never seen again. For six months, Blackjack was alone with Knight. She served as “doctor, nurse, companion, servant and huntswoman in one,” said the Los Angeles Times in 1924. “Ada was woodsman, too.” The dying man projected the rage he felt over his helplessness onto her, criticizing her constantly for not taking better care of him. Blackjack did not outwardly allow his blows to land, but confided in her diary, “He never stop and think how much its hard for women to take four mans place, to wood work and to hund for something to eat for him and do waiting to his bed and take the shiad [shit] out for him.” When Knight passed, Blackjack duly recorded the event on Galle’s typewriter, writing : After Knight’s passing, Blackjack refused to fall into despair and instead threw herself ferociously to the task of surviving in order to be reunited with her son. Having neither the physical strength nor emotional fortitude to bury Knight’s corpse, she left him resting on his bed inside of his sleeping bag and erected a barricade of boxes to protect his body from wild animals. As Jennifer Niven wrote in her Ada Blackjack biography , she “moved into the storage tent to escape the smell of decay … she drove driftwood into the ground to bolster the tattered walls and ceiling of the tent. She built a cupboard out of boxes, which she placed at the entrance, and in this she stored her field glasses and ammunition.” Most importantly, Blackjack built a gun rack above her bed so that she would not be caught by surprise if polar bears ventured too close to camp.

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