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Drivers playing Russian roulette as five foals killed on the road

In the most recent incident (15 June), a hit and run driver left a foal alive at the side of the road with a broken back. The filly was found by a passerby and was euthanised by agisters. The same dam, owned by commoner Luke Blomfield, also had her foal killed by a driver last year. “We put up a post about it on social media and it’s had almost 500,000 shares, so we hope the message gets through to people,” said commoner Sarah Weston, who has co-founded the New Forest Roads Campaign. “The commoners have taken great steps to produce the best foals they can and in limited numbers, and its awful to see. “It’s hard to understand the callousness of people playing Russian roulette with the ponies like this.” Sarah added that the campaign is striving to convey two key messages — to ask drivers to slow down and take care, and not to feed the ponies as this encourages them to approach cars and come closer to the road. “This year’s foals seem tamer than ever and you sometimes see them lounging about in the road waiting for passing cars,” she cautioned. More than half of the recent deaths have been hit and run accidents, even though those reporting hitting a pony will not be subject to penalty unless it can be proved that they were driving dangerously. The New Forest verderers currently offer a £5,000 reward for anyone who identifies a motorist involved in a hit and run. “People are obliged, by law, to stop at the scene and find out who owns the pony and if they can’t, then they are obliged to report it as soon as is practical or within 24 hrs — which means driving to the nearest place where they have signal and ringing,” Sarah said.

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