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Colorado dealer designs new rules for Blackjack - | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo

But if you hit, you risk being dealt a 10 and busting. Under the burnout rules , you can “burn” that bust card and get a new one from the dealer. “You’re not stuck with the cards you’re given,” Espino explained. “Now you can make decisions.Usually, you didn’t have that.” Espino said avoiding a bust isn’t the only advantage under these new rules. “It could be like on 11 and you double down and instead of getting that 10, you get like a two, which happens to me all the time,” Espino said. “You can say, you know what, I don’t like that 2. Burn that 2 and give me another card.” Players can only burn one card per hand and they must play the next card that is dealt. However, Espino said says even with those restrictions, players have a 17.4 percent advantage over the house if the stick to the optimal play strategy.  So, why would casinos even offer it? “The only way we could make it fair for the house is we charge a 20 percent fee.” For every $5 chip on the table, you must pay a $1 fee to the house to use the burnout option. The Saratoga Casino in Black Hawk was the first to give Blackjack Burnout a trial run.  Gaming Operations Director Dan Holom said as a smaller casino, they frequently look for new games to offer their players. “You know, 3 card poker, Texas Hold ’em, stuff like that, these games have kind of been trending upwards,” Holom said.

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