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William Hague: Brexiteers playing 'Russian roulette' over Chequers deal

MailOnline iPhone app In his regular Telegraph column, the Tory former leader warned that neither side would be able to force through its will. Instead there was a serious risk that parliament would demand a referendum, but ministers would refuse to extend the Brexit date. ‘Complete with an atmosphere of intense recrimination and abuse, it would be no exaggeration to say that this would be the most serious constitutional crisis in Britain for at least one century, possibly two,’ Lord Hague wrote. He said the results were ‘unknowable’, but could involve the ‘unremitting domestic chaos’ of a disorderly exit from the EU or the UK not leaving the bloc at all. ‘Perhaps it is alarmist to describe such a scenario,’ Lord Hague said. ‘But it is worth thinking about because everyone in parliament who is enjoying making categoric statements about being against Chequers or against ‘no deal’ is now loading the revolver for a game of Russian roulette, with a lot more than Brexit at stake. ‘With strong feelings aroused about what is in the national interest, that interest would be served best of all by some reflection on what could soon transpire, and on how to avert it.’ Another ex-Conservative leader, Iain Duncan Smith, criticised Downing Street for ‘accusing and attacking’ Brexiteers. The jibe came after a group of Tory MPs who oppose the Chequers plan were invited to a meeting at No10. He told the BBC’s Newsnight: ‘I always think that rather than allowing a unit in Downing Street to take on its own colleagues and backbenchers, and accuse and attack them, I think the best thing is always for them to say, ‘I tell you what, let’s get together and thrash this out and see what we can come up with’. ‘That’s a far better approach because it carries the party with you.’ Over the weekend Mr Johnson provoked a torrent of criticism foraccusing the premier of having wrapped ‘a suicide vest around the British constitution and แทง บอล ออนไลน์ winningft handed the detonator to Michel Barnier’.

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